How do I get commissions on paid sales invoices to be included when Processing Commissions?

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Article ID: KB0079

Commission Plan will normally update commission data when payments are applied to sales invoices. There are a few reasons why commissions may not get updated and thus, not get included when running the Process Commissions routine.

  1. The invoice was paid off from a Dynamics GP client that does not have The EthoSeries (i.e. Commission Plan) installed.
  2. The commissions are on Hold.
  3. When the invoice was paid off, the Apply date was set to a date that falls outside the Date Document Paid range entered in the Process Commissions window. See KB0063 for information on where Commission Plan gets the Date Document Paid value.

You can check Reasons #1 and #2 using the Commission Plan Entry window.
[Sales Area Page > Transactions > Commission Plan > Commission Plan Entry]

Reason #1

If the Comm Status displays Not Ready, click the Update button. If the Comm Status changes to Ready, then The EthoSeries (i.e. Commission Plan) code was not available to execute when the payment was applied to the sales invoice. Clicking Update corrected the Comm Status and now the commission record will be included when Processing Commissions.


Reason #2

Is the Hold checkbox marked? If YES, then the commission record will NOT be included when Processing Commissions. To include the commission, uncheck the Hold checkbox.


Reason #3

You can check Reason #3 using the Commission Plan Override Date Document Paid window.
[Sales Area Page > Utilities > Commission Plan > Commission Plan Utilities – Go To > Date Override Utilities]


If you need to change the CP Date Doc Paid, you can override it for commission purposes using this window.


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