Can I use SmartSort sorting and Dynamics GP 'Set As Default View' sorting together?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0071

With EthoTech SmartSort, you can sort lookup information YOUR way! Quickly find the information you need by customizing your own view based on built-in advanced sorting options or SmartList favorites. AND… you can use SmartSort with over 40 Microsoft Dynamics GP lookup windows.

With Dynamics GP 'Set As Default View' functionality, you can save a Favorite as the default view. Once a Favorite has been selected in the view, simply click on 'Set As Default View' from the View menu. Default views are per user and only available for the Master Record lookup and not transactions.

Does this functionality work together? For Master record lookup windows, the answer to this question is NO. This Dynamics GP default sorting option overrides the SmartSort setup.

To remove the Dynamics GP default sorting option for a Master record lookup window, do the following.

  1. Open your Master record lookup window (for example: Customer Lookup)
  2. Open the SmartSort User Options* window by clicking on Additional > SmartSort
  3. Select Options > Remove Default View

This will remove your Dynamics GP Default View setting, which will allow your SmartSort setting to function.

* The SmartSort User Options window is a variation of the SmartSort Setup window that is restricted to the current user. This window may be accessed from the available Dynamics GP lookup windows and User Preferences window via the Additional Menu. For more detailed information on SmartSort functionality, please download the SmartSort User Guide from the EthoTech Document Library.