When Processing Commissions, I receive the error: “The Vendor ID is missing or invalid”

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Article ID: KB0078

Commission Plan can be configured to create Payables Transactions when the Process Commissions routine is run to pay your commissions. With this setting, an unposted voucher is created for the vendor assigned to the salesperson, for the salesperson’s total commission amount, using the salesperson’s GL accounts stored on the Salesperson Commission Plan Info window. An invoice is created if the total is greater than zero; otherwise a credit memo is created.

The Vendor ID used in this Payables Transaction comes from the Salesperson Maintenance window.


If a Vendor is NOT assigned to the Salesperson, then the following error message will show on commission reports.

“The Vendor ID is missing or invalid”


Use the Dynamics GP Salesperson Maintenance window to resolve this issue by selecting the appropriate Vendor ID and saving the Salesperson’s record.

NOTE: you will NOT be able to Process Commissions until this error is removed.

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