How do I disable my EthoTech product?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0081

The easiest way to temporarily disable one of your EthoTech products is to use the Dynamics GP Customization Status window.

Customization Status [Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Customization Status]

Steps to Disable an EthoTech EthoSeries* product:

  1. Choose The EthoSeries from the Product column
  2. Click the Disable button.
  3. The Status will change to Disabled.

* The EthoSeries includes Commission Plan, Customer Service Collection, Historical Serial & Lot Number Tracking, Next Numeric Collection, Quick Track and Salesperson Enhancements.

Steps to Disable EthoTech SmartSort:

  1. Choose SmartSort from the Product column.
  2. Click the Disable button.
  3. The Status will change to Disabled. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Companies Using EthoTech Commission Plan

While The EthoSeries is Disabled, commissions cannot be updated or created. To ensure all of your commission data has been updated properly and/or created, after The EthoSeries has been Enabled again, run Commission Plan Utilities. 

For information on using Commission Plan Utilities, please refer to the EthoSeries User Guide, which is available for download from the EthoTech Document Library or review Technknowledge Article KB0077.