How do I configure security so Dynamics GP users CANNOT edit commissions on posted sales documents?

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Commission Plan is built inside of the Dynamics GP interface and so it makes use of the Dynamics GP Security model for determining which users have access to Commission Plan windows. Since Dynamics GP security is handled through Security Tasks and Roles, EthoTech has built several default roles specifically for Commission Plan users.  You can review these roles in the EthoSeries User Guide

In addition to Dynamics GP security, EthoTech has created additional security that will restrict the users who can edit commissions on posted sales documents through the Commission Plan Entry window. 

This functionality is activated from the Commissionable Sales Documents section on the Commission Plan Setup window. 

By default, any user with access to the Commission Plan Entry window may edit any unprocessed commission records, regardless of whether the associated sales document is posted or unposted. Mark the Restrict users able to edit commissions for posted sales documents checkbox to control which users may edit commissions for posted sales documents. Click the Restrict Users expansion arrow to open the Commission Plan User Setup window.

Select the users who are allowed to edit commissions for posted sales documents in each company. If a user opens the Commission Plan Entry window for a posted sales documents and that user is not allowed to edit the commissions for that document, the commission data will still be displayed but will be non-editable. 

For more information, refer to the Commission Plan Setup section of the EthoSeries User Guide.

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