Is there a way to disable/suppress the Initialization message a user receives when logging into a Company NOT using an EthoTech product?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0056

Initialization message:

This message is showing because The EthoSeries product tables have not been initialized and thus, product functionality is not available.

To stop this message from displaying when a user logs into Dynamics GP, execute the EthoTech SQL table initialization routine in ALL company databases.

IMPORTANT: Log into each company with the 'sa' user and choose YES when prompted to initialize tables.

Please note: this will not affect your Dynamics GP system as this routine only creates EthoTech product SQL tables and Stored Procedures.


* The EthoSeries includes Commission Plan, Customer Service Collection, Historical Serial & Lot Number Tracking, Next Numeric Collection, Quick Track and Salesperson Enhancements.