Do I need to install a new EthoTech build when a Dynamics GP year-end tax update build is installed?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0053

Maybe. To date, Dynamics GP year end tax update builds have not had an effect on EthoTech products; however, these tax update builds include the latest Dynamics GP service pack. If you're running an EthoTech product build that supports the latest service pack then you're good to go; otherwise you'll need to install an EthoTech product build that supports the Dynamics GP service pack.

The following table displays the required EthoTech build for a given Dynamics GP version and year end tax update:

Dynamics GP Version Year End Tax Update Required EthoTech Build
2018 2018

EthoSeries 18.00.201 or later
SmartSort 18.00.3 or later

2016 2018
EthoSeries 16.00.101 or later
SmartSort 16.00.1 or later
2015 2018
EthoSeries 14.00.101 or later
SmartSort 14.00.1 or later
2013 2017*
EthoSeries 12.00.51 or later
SmartSort 12.00.300 or later

* The FY2017 Year End Update causes EthoTech trigger - ASI1006TriggerPOP10300 - on table POP10300 to be deleted. When logging into each of your company databases, you will be prompted to initialize EthoTech tables. During this initialization, the EthoTech trigger - ASI1006TriggerPOP10300 - on table POP10300 will be recreated.