How do I stop the videos from playing on this website?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0008

While we hope that you find our videos both informative and interesting, we understand that you may wish to inactivate them to better focus on the written information contained on our site. Here are several methods to stop playback of the videos: 

  • We have enabled cookies that should automatically stop the homepage video from playing after your first playback. This cookie should remain active for up to 3 months. Note: if you have restricted cookies on your browser, this option will not work for you.
  • All videos except the one on our homepage are designed as “click to play”. If you experience any others auto playing, please contact us at
  • Each video has a play/pause button at the bottom left corner of the video window. This button functions on a “toggle” basis. If the video is presently paused, the button will display as  simply click this button to play the video. If the video is playing, the button will display as  click this button to pause the video. There is also a “Skip Video” button that will remove the video from your screen and replace it with a “Replay Video” button.