How do I create a Dex SQL log?

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0039

  1. Exit Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  2. Path to the Dex.ini file using Windows Explorer. The file can be found in your Dynamics GP folder [i.e. > Data if GP 10].
  3. Open the Dex.ini file and find the following statements:
    • SQLLogODBCMessages=FALSE
  4. If the statements are currently set to FALSE, set them to TRUE:
    • SQLLogSQLStmt=TRUE
    • SQLLogODBCMessages=TRUE
  5. Save and close the Dex.ini file, then Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  6. Go up to the point JUST BEFORE the operation you wish to log, and stop.
  7. Path to your GP folder [i.e. > Data if GP 10] using Windows Explorer. You should now have a file called dexsql.log. Delete or rename this file. If you do not see the dexsql.log file you may first need to refresh your screen (View - Refresh) in order to see the new file.
  8. Go back to Microsoft Dynamics GP and perform the operation to be logged, then stop.
  9. You will now have a new dexsql.log in your GP folder [i.e. > Data if GP 10].
  10. Open dex.ini and set the following statements to FALSE:
    • SQLLogSQLStmt
    • SQLLogODBCMessages
  11. Save and close Dex.ini.