After upgrade to GP 18.3.1200 (2020 Year End Update), I receive an unhandled script exception SQL error when saving Vendors

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Article ID: KB0092


After upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.3.1200 (2020 Year End Update) and installing the latest build for the EthoSeries, the following SQL error occurs when 
saving vendors.

"Unhandled script exception: illegal address for field '[not found]' in script 'Save'. Script terminated."


Additionally, although the upgrade .cnk was installed and the registration and initialization were prompted, the EthoSeries build number does NOT reflect the updated build.


The EthoSeries Installation Instructions have changed when upgrading to Dynamics GP 18.3 or the Year End Updates. For a successful update to occur, a new TAS1006.DIC file needs to be created.

Important Installation Changes

Pre-installation step 1e: Rename file TAS1006.DIC to TAS1006_<currently installed build number>.DIC. Example: if your current build is 18.00.202, rename TAS1006.DIC to TAS1006_18.00.202.DIC. When this file is renamed, a brand new TAS1006.DIC file will get created.

Installation step 10: If this is an update of an existing EthoSeries installation and modified EthoSeries forms (TAS1006F.DIC) and/or reports (TAS1006R.DIC) exist (see Pre Installation step 1b), GP utilities will need to be run to update these modified forms and/or reports.

The EthoTech Installation Guide can be downloaded from the EthoTech Document Library.