After upgrade to GP 16.00.0864 (2020 Year End Update), I receive an unhandled script exception SQL error when saving Vendors

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Article ID: KB0093


After upgrade to Dynamics GP 16.00.0864 (2020 Year End Update) and installing the latest build for the EthoSeries, the following SQL error occurs when 
saving vendors.

"Unhandled script exception: illegal address for field 'DBA' in script 'Save'. Script terminated."



The EthoSeries Installation Instructions have changed when upgrading to Dynamics GP 16 (2020 Year End Update). For a successful update to occur, a new TAS1006.DIC file needs to be created.

Important Installation Changes

Pre-installation step 1e: Rename file TAS1006.DIC to TAS1006_<currently installed build number>.DIC. Example: if your current build is 16.00.150, rename TAS1006.DIC to TAS1006_16.00.150.DIC. When this file is renamed, a brand new TAS1006.DIC file will get created.

Installation step 10: If this is an update of an existing EthoSeries installation and modified EthoSeries forms (TAS1006F.DIC) and/or reports (TAS1006R.DIC) exist (see Pre Installation step 1b), GP utilities will need to be run to update these modified forms and/or reports.

The EthoTech Installation Guide can be downloaded from the EthoTech Document Library.