Which tables are updated when the Process Commissions routine is run?

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The Process Commissions routine functions as follows:

  1. Determine all salespeople who may be paid a commission for the Commission Run.
  2. Get the first salesperson determined in Step 1 and perform the following operations:
  3. For each commission header (ASI28301) to be processed, update the Commission Status and Commission Run ID.
  4. Sum the commission amounts from Step 3 to achieve to total amount owed to the salesperson.
  5. If the amount determined in Step 4 is nonzero, create the appropriate Dynamics GP transaction (i.e. GL Journal Entry, Payables voucher, or GP Payroll transaction) for that amount.
  6. Create an entry in table ETI28303, recording the salesperson’s commission amount determined in Step 4, along with the Dynamics GP transaction information from Step 5.
  7. Get the next salesperson determined in Step 1.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 – 7 until all salespeople have been processed.
  9. Create a Commission Run summary entry in table ETI28914 for the Commission Run (this is the table that drives the Commission Run Inquiry window).

Process Commissions window

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