Invoices are showing on my commission report that have not been paid in Dynamics GP yet

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Article ID: KB0089


When salespeople were configured to receive commissions only on fully relieved invoices and posted returns, invoices that were NOT fully relieved were being set to a Commission Status of Ready For Processing and the Date Document Paid value was being set incorrectly, in some instances.

These incorrect values caused inaccurate commission data to show on commission reports being used to pay out commissions.

*Important Note*

This only applies to your company if the Enable Commission Processing When value on the Processing tab of the Commission Plan Setup window is set to Document is Paid or Based on Salesperson. Please review your Commission Plan Setup window: [Sales Area Page > Setup > Commission Plan > Commission Plan Setup].

If the Enable Commission Processing When value is set to Document is Posted, this Knowledge Base Item is not relevant for your company.


There is a two-step resolution.

  1. Upgrade your EthoSeries software to the latest build available for your Dynamics GP version. Visit the EthoTech Download Center to download the software. Upgrade information can be found in the Installation Guide.
  2. After the new build is installed, run Commission Plan Utilities to update all Unprocessed commission records. This is a VERY IMPORTANT STEP that is required to ensure your Commission Status and Date Document Paid values are set correctly on invoices for which commissions have not been paid yet.

INSTRUCTIONS For Running Commission Plan Utilities 

  • Open the Commission Plan Utilities window
    [Sales Area Page > Utilities > Commission Plan > Commission Plan Utilities]
  • Use the following settings:
    • Posting Status = History
    • Options = Update Existing Commissions
    • Range = from the Documents drop-down list, choose Date Document Paid.
      Enter FROM:  Today's Date and TO:  00/00/0000
      (This date range will update commissions for sales documents with a paid off date greater than yesterday's date and sales documents that have not yet been fully relieved.)
      Click Insert.


  • Click UPDATE

NOTE: since this process could take a long time to run, it is our recommendation to run this routine after work hours. Upon completion, the Commission Status and Date Document Paid values will be set correctly.


EthoSeries build numbers PRIOR to the following list are affected by this issue. If your company's EthoSeries build number falls before the build number listed for your installed Dynamics GP version and service pack, please upgrade your software and follow the instructions in the RESOLUTION section above.

  • GP 2018 RTM: 18.00.6
  • GP 2016 R2: 16.00.109
  • GP 2016 RTM: 16.00.14
  • GP 2015 R2: 14.00.118
  • GP 2015 RTM: 14.00.25
  • GP 2013 R2: 12.00.63
  • GP 2013 SP2: 12.00.31
  • GP 2013 RTM and SP1: 12.00.16