Commission Plan Sample Demo

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Simplify your variable compensation creation, tracking, reporting, and payments.

Commission Plan is the premium solution for handling variable compensation for Microsoft Dynamics GP. In this demo, you’ll see 5 scenarios where Commission Plan eliminates manual processes, stops data entry errors and streamlines the tracking, reconciliation and compensation payment process from end to end.

  1. What if your commissions automatically calculated as Sales Documents are updated in Dynamics GP?
  2. What if you didn’t have to manually determine the salesperson or salesperson splits for a document?
  3. What if you could quit manually reconciling invoices to payments to determine which commissions should be released?
  4. What if you could release the proper compensation payments to your salespeople, with just a few clicks?
  5. What if you could produce reliable results, avoid data silos, and put the full data picture in the hands of the people who need it?

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