When selecting or creating a Customer, I receive the following message: "Default commission information from setup?"

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0066

The following message presents itself when creating a NEW Customer or viewing an existing Customer record in Dynamics GP.


This functionality first appeared in GP 2015 when the ability to assign default commission setups to Salesperson, Customer and Item Classes was added to the Commission Plan product.

Why does this message appear?

When a Customer is selected that does not have a record in EthoTech table ASI28050, this message appears giving you the ability to default commission information from setup. If you choose Yes and then Save the record, this message will not display again for that particular Customer. If you select No, then no record will get created in the EthoTech table and thus, when this Customer is selected again, you will be prompted to default commission information from setup.

To suppress this message, you have 2 options. 

Option 1

Recommend Use

  • When there are a small number of Customers in the company database.


  • This resolution will create a record in EthoTech table ASI28050 for each Customer ONE record at a time.


  1. Whenever a Customer is selected that does not contain a record in the EthoTech table, this message will occur. Click Yes and Save the Customer to suppress message from showing again.
  2. Or… you can scroll through each Customer using the Customer Commission Plan Info window, clicking Yes when the message appears, and then Saving the Customer.

Option 2

Recommend Use

  • When there are a large number of Customers in the company database.
  • WARNING: Do NOT use this option if the 'Ignore Sales Territory - Salesperson Assignments' check box on the Customer Commission Plan Info window [Sales Area Page > Cards > Commission Plan > Customer Commission Plan Info] is marked on ANY of your Customer records.


  • These steps will create a record in EthoTech table ASI28050 for ALL Customers that do not have one.


  1. Open the Mass Update Customers window
    [Sales Area Page > Utilities > Commission Plan > Update Customer Commission Plans]
  2. Check the following box: 'Update Ignore Sales Territory - Salesperson Assignments Option'
  3. Make no other changes to this window.
  4. Click Process and then click Yes to update all fields with this new data.
  5. At this point, all Customers have been updated. The message will now be suppressed for all existing Customers in the company database.
  6. Close the Mass Update Customers window.

At this point, accessing any existing Customer will not cause the message to appear. You will, however, receive this message when adding a new Customer into your company database. Please just click Yes and Save when this message appears for new Customers.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at support@ethotech.com or 678-384-7500 option 2.