My Commission report produces the following error message: "Error In Equation 'C Item Description' "

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0069


The error message - " Error In Equation 'C Item Description' " - typically occurs on a modified version of the ASI Commission Report (i.e. Salesperson Line Item Detail Commission Report) after an EthoTech product build update.


To resolve this issue, you just need to add the Item Description field from table ASI_SOP_LINE_Comm to the end of the rw_ETI_Get_SOP_Line_Description function call on the modified ASI Commission Report.

Please use the following directions:

  1. Open Report Writer [Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer] and choose The EthoSeries as the Product.
  2. Click the Reports button.
  3. Double-click ASI Commission Report in the Modified Reports list.
  4. Click the Layout button on the Report Definition window.
  5. Change the Toolbox drop-down to Calculated fields.
  6. Double-click C Item Description in the calculated fields list.
  7. Highlight the Close Parenthesis at the end of the Expressions > Calculated field.
  8. Change the Resources drop-down to ASI Commission Line.
  9. Change the Field drop-down to Item Description.
  10. Click the Add button.
  11. Click OK to close the Calculated Field Definition window.
  12. Close the Report Layout and Report Definition windows.
  13. Choose File > Microsoft Dynamics GP to close Report Writer and open Dynamics GP.