Errors when emailing commission reports in Dynamics GP 18.6

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Article ID: KB0097


When emailing reports from the Commission Plan Report or Commission Plan Quota Report window in Dynamics GP 18.6, one of the following errors occur:


Message "Error in pass-through sanScript while sending MS Graph email" is displayed.


The Send Document Errors window opens, and one of the following error messages is displayed:

  • "There were one or more issues when processing email. please review the DynamicsGP_MSGraphEmail log file in the temp directory"
  • "An unknown error occurred"


Upgrade your EthoTech software to Build 18.06.002 or higher. 

How Do I Determine My Current EthoTech Product Build?

Download a new EthoTech build from the EthoTech Download Center.

If the error generated entry "<MSGraphEmailSendEmail>d__35.MoveNext - Object reference not set to an instance of an object" in the %TEMP%\DynamicsGP_MSGraphEmail.log file, the error likely occurred because the email included BCC data and no CC data.

This is a Dynamics GP issue; until Microsoft resolves the problem, the workaround is to avoid using BCC functionality.

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