When upgrading my EthoTech Software, I received the following error: "The EthoSeries initializations were not successful. Please contact your Microsoft Partner or EthoTech."

EthoTech Admin -

Article ID: KB0094


When upgrading EthoTech Software, during the initialization process, an error occurs stating the SQL Update Failed.


In viewing the EthoTech SQL Object Initialization Log, the following entries show failed updates. 

   Table creation failed
  Table creation failed
  Table creation failed

Update Failed

Update Failed

Update Failed



Steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Exit Dynamics GP.
  2. Open Dynamics GP and log back in with the 'sa' GP user ID.
  3. Since an older build of The EthoSeries has been installed, a warning message will appear requesting to enable The EthoSeries. Choose ENABLE to proceed with the update.
  4. Choose YES if prompted to initialize The EthoSeries.
  5. The Embedded Freight tables will be created and the SQL Object Initialization Log will show a completion status of successful.
  6. If you receive an unsuccessful message, please contact your Microsoft Partner or EthoTech.

NOTE: When logging back into Dynamics GP after the failed update, if you are NOT prompted to Initialize tables, please follow the instructions in the EthoSeries Installation Guide for upgrading EthoTech software.